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About Us

TNC Wealth Partners is a wealth coaching and wellness consultancy that employs the expertise of private banking with the principles of financial wellness and wealth planning to empower the individual on their journey of financial management and wealth creation.

Strategic Intent

Our strategic intent is to usher in the next chapter in the African financial consumer’s wealth narrative. The rationale for this audacious goal is simple.

Africa’s growing middle class isincome rich but asset poor, a vulnerable financial position to be in given ever-changing market conditions. We have curated an offering that entertains, educates and empowers the individual to successfully engage in wealth creation activities that grows their wealth base, and secures their financial position.


Our approach promotes wealth coaching* as a tool to positively influence the skills, attitudes and behaviors of the consumer in moving from an income-based approach to measuring their wealth, to an asset-based approach to measuring their wealth and securing their financial position.

This is achieved through our multi-dimensional offering of personal wealth coaching sessions, employee wellness offering and public/corporate group events. Our offering is also unique in that it covers the length and breadth of a client’s financial life.

We define the length of a client’s financial life as the typical financial transactions an individual would make in the acquisition of assets, settlement of debt, engaging in savings and investment decisions*, and setting up of legal and tax structures to secure and grow their wealth.

We define the breadth of a client’s financial life as by adopting the financial wellness principle of taking into consideration those non-financial factors such as emotional and psychological wellbeing into account.

*Please note that we do not give investment or product specific financial advice as defined in the FAIS Act, or conduct wealth management activities.