School kids learn business savvy with Blue Ribbon

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School kids learn business savvy with Blue Ribbon

The project is targeting learners from primary schools.

Blue ribbon is now investing in the future of young kids while they are still in school through the Mmmm Yum Kidz Tuckshop Roadshow.

The purpose of this roadshow is to attempt to empower the youth of South Africa, in an effort to make them more financially and business savvy in order to secure their financial security in future.

Blue Ribbon’s Marketing Executive Bakeries Noleen Ballard- Tremeer says, “We are thrilled to be launching such an initiative at such a pivotal but equally exciting time in the country.

“There is a rich legacy of birthing talents that have soared as entrepreneurs and business people and we are honoured to have some of the best working with us to mentor these pupils.”

One of the mentors will be independent wealth coach, corporate speaker, media commentator, writer, and financial inclusion advocate Samke Mhlongo.

Mhlongo will help hand-picked schools for eight weeks start and run a fully functional sandwich business.

With accolades making her CV look colourful, she is ready to teach SA kids the importance of starting their own businesses.

Learners will learn the basics of business by setting up their own fully stocked pop-up tuckshop at their schools.

Mhlongo also compiled the workbook from which the learners will base their curriculum over the 8-week period.

They will learn lessons like:

• From the popular level of establishing business objectives,
• Handling staff,
• Implementing marketing strategies to calculating turnovers,
• Learners will also gain first-hand experience in the world of service trading.

The mentors, who represent a specific school, will assist the students in that time with a life skills competition that will finish in the winning school announcement and prize giving at the end of October.

“It is imperative that we teach the leaders of tomorrow the skills that will serve them, the nation and our economy as a whole,” concludes Ballard- Tremeer.