About Us

TNC’s mandate is to promote financial inclusion through financial literacy education on television, radio, print media, social media, and face-to-face platforms; as well as lobby the creation of products and services that better suit the wealth creation needs of the lower and middle-income population.


Samke Mhlongo is Founder and Chief Executive of The Next Chapter (TNC) Wealth Partners – a personal and small business wealth coaching consultancy that partners with various industry experts to provide financial wellness and coaching services to individuals and small businesses.  Read more...

Our Partnership Network

Our Vision

TNC’s vision is to be the world’s leading wealth coaching consultancy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our stakeholders by educating, entertaining and empowering individuals to make more sophisticated personal and business finance decisions, so as to increase financial inclusion, thus alleviating poverty in line with the sustainable development goals.

Our Values

Our shared values define what we stand for as an organisation and determine the way in which we conduct our business and engage our stakeholders being our individual clients, corporate clients, industry peers, media, suppliers, government and the communities we serve.

Who we serve